Former Gustavus Football Player Ryan Hoag Competing For Spot On UFL’s New York Sentinel Squad

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Ryan Hoag

Ryan Hoag

Ryan at the Washington Redskins Training Camp

Ryan at the Washington Redskins Training Camp

Hoag as a senior at Gustavus.

Hoag as a senior at Gustavus.

Former Gustavus football player Ryan Hoag, who has taken part in numerous NFL Training Camps, is taking one last shot at professional football as he is trying out for the New York Sentinels of the new United Football League. Hoag shares his thoughts about training camp with the Sentinels in a blog for the Gustavus Athletics Web Site.

Entry 7
Tuesday, Sept 29

Tomorrow is the highly anticipated cut down day. We have had two practices this week and there have beena number of highs and lows. I am quite disappointed with my consistency thus far. I will make a great play or twoand follow it up with a drop. The number of drops I have had this camp far exceed any camp I have been associated with.

I am not quite sure why this is the case. We brought in another WR today. He is one of our offensive coordinators guys from the Cleveland Browns. Anytime guys get brought in, especially this late in camp, you realize they are being given the job and not having to compete like everyone else. It sucks for guys that have been busting their tail each and every day trying to make a name for themselves. At the end of the day, yes, this is a business, but it still stings and doesn’t seem fair a lot of the time.

I truly have no clue whether or not I am going to be kept on the team or not. The thing I have going for me is my special teams play which has been good thus far. I am still a starter on all four units, but I have learned all too often (11 times I’ve been cut) that
things can change quickly. There is nothing more I can do at this point. They have made their decision about me. I know I have at least one coach in my corner fighting to keep me (Pete Rodriguez, special teams). I rest peacefully knowing that my faith is what guides me. If this door is to close, another one will sure to be opened to me.

Sorry to see the rough loss by the Gusties last week. Hope they can rebound. It doesn’t get much easier with the Tommies this week, but I know we will give them all we have.

Stay tuned….tomorrow my football career either ends, or I make the team out of a training camp for the first time ever!

Entry 6

I can honestly say I have never been this sore after a game or scrimmage in my life. Everything hurts. My whole body is swollen. It will be interesting to watch how film goes for we all know that it truly is never as good or bad as you think. I feel as though
I played quite well in both phases of the game. I would have blocked a punt (wing called for holding after taking me to the ground once I beat him with an up and under move) split a double team on kickoff coverage and knocked both guys (250+ might I add) down, and made a great block on kickoff return. On offense, I caught our first TD of the season on an improvisation. The defense jumped off sides, so I just put my hand up and ran deep-Quinn Gray, our starting QB saw it and lofted a thirty-yard score past the corner that I had beaten off the line. Great way to start the season. I had a number of balls thrown my way in the game, but only had two catches. I did have one drop, which is eating at me. I have dropped a few too many balls this camp which is quite uncharacteristic of me. Take the good with the bad I suppose and continue to try to improve and remain consistent and unflapable. Day off today, 9-25 and back at it tomorrow.

Quick shout out to my Gusties who play St. Johns tomorrow! Best wishes guys….that is the one and only team I never beat during my four years at Gustavus. WIN

Entry 5
A Day of Rest
After six straight days in pads (pads from day one of practice) we finally got a day off of physical contact. My body is holding strong, but the sun and weather can be as draining as hitting each and every day. We have a scrimmage this week against the Florida Tuskers. It should be a great opportunity to showcase my talents. I will be starting on all four special teams, as well as the Z receiver. Get the oxygen ready! We have had seven WR’s in camp and just added an eighth, Koren Robinson. Koren and I played together in Minnesota, so it is always nice to have a familiar face within your group. Business is business however, and at the end of the day, I need to worry about me and the things that I can control. I try to remind myself everyday that there are two ways I can approach the day; this is a practice, or this is an opportunity. As long as I continue to play like every day is an opportunity to get better, be out there realizing that I could be at home wishing I was still playing, the rest will take care of itself.

Entry 4
Orlando week one
Not only has it been a long time since I have played versus a live defense, but this heat makes a coward of us all. That 95 degree heat and intense humidity just suck the life out of you and your mind is one of the first things to go. It’s been an adjustment, to say
the least. Wes Chandler, my former WR coach with the Vikings in 2005 is our offensive coordinator, so the transition is quite easy in terms of learning the offense. I think I have played for eleven different offensive coordinators in the NFL, so I am well prepared for most offenses, especially one in which I have a history. I’m getting a ton of opportunities on special teams, as well as with the offense to be a playmaker and potentially start. Special teams has always been my favorite part about football and I am relishing in that role as a starter on all four phases. My familiarity with the offense has put me atop the depth chart as a WR and I am still a work in progress on that end. Great play here, dropped ball there-not exactly the consistency they or I am looking for. It is only week one though. It will get better.

Entry 3

Got the opportunity to meet some of my teammates, take my physical, and get the low down on how the league is set up and how camp is to be run. Seems like a vast range of paths guys took to get here: arena, canada, straight from college, NFL veterans, guys who have been out of football for 2+ years. The four teams in this league really focused on getting guys they knew, which is great for me since I have played for so many coaches. No two-a-day practices we find out….music to my ears. Off to Orlando to start.

Entry 2
So begins the journey

I decided to drive down to Florida so I have a way of getting around the few months I am there. My brother agreed to drive with me and we stopped in Murrayville, Ga to visit our dad on the way down. It was great to see family on the cusp of training camp. Not a whole lot to do in Murrayville (100 miles north of Atlanta) but we made the best of it. I got a chance to horseback ride for the first time. Not sure my contract would allow for that, but I remained unscathed! The fun and family time over, it is time to get on with the rest of the drive and begin. No one really likes training camp, or looks forward to it. I’m just relieved I am getting another opportunity.

Entry 1
Here We Go Again!

I’ve decided to give football one last shot. This new league, the United Football League, seems to be doing everything they can to have success from here on out and I am excited to be a part of it. I have been signed to the NY Sentinels team, coached by Ted Cottrell, who I had as a coach when I was with the Minnesota Vikings back in 2004-05. We first are to report to Jacksonville, Fl for physicals, then on to Orlando for training camp. Despite being a NY team, we will be living in Orlando throughout the season to cut down on costs, give us someone to practice against (Florida Tusker team) and provide good weather.
I’m looking forward to getting down there again because I used to train in Florida for months on end with speed specialist Tom Shaw. It will be great to see some familiar faces.

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