Starting the season off right!

Posted on January 12th, 2009 by

Yesterday the men and women of the Gustavus nordic team started the season on a winning note. We competed at St. John’s University for a competition between Gustavus, St. Olaf, St.John’s, and St. Cloud. The women’s women did 10k in a mass start format. From seeing the start it looked like Kelly put in a dominating performance and lead from start to finish. These small races are a great way for her to get some racing in while preparing here for the NCAA qualifiers coming up in the future.  The men also started the season off with a win. I knew the boys were fired up for this race since they believe we are the best D3 school in the region. It is one thing to say it but it was nice to see the guys go out there and show it. Andrew Poffenberger and Anders Bowman had great races. When I looked back all I saw was a train of gusties. We dominated the collegiate race by sweeping the first 3 collegiate spots. As a captain I was very impressed to see two freshman in the top 4 for us. I know the season is young and I have faith in the guys to keep giving it there all with Jed guiding us along the way. This next weekend will be the D3 collegiate state championships at St. Johns. Hopefully we will be able to some of our fans out there on the course cheering! Until next time…….Jens Brabbit




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