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Gustie Athletics Unique Path Series—The Cancun Connection

In 2011, the Gustavus Adolphus football team took its first trip to Cancun, Mexico to compete against local club teams and perform service work, opening the doors for a unique athletic and academic opportunity for both Cancun natives and the Gustavus population. Saint Peter, Minn. – As a new addition to the Gustavus Adolphus athletic […]

Unique Path Series—ALhouni Brothers: From Tripoli To Saint Peter

Political unrest in their home country instigated Motasem and Mohaned ALhouni’s move to the United States, providing a safe and promising opportunity for the young men to continue their education and tennis careers. Saint Peter, Minn.—As a period of political protests and violence in Libya heightened in frequency and culminated in a revolution in 2011, so began […]

Unique Path Series—Kayla Hutsell And Dani Klunk: Taking The Plunge From Division I To Division III Swimming

Gustavus Adolphus women’s swim team members, Kayla Hutsell and Dani Klunk’s stories became entwined when the two met as first-year roommates and fellow teammates at the University of Iowa in 2011. A strong friendship and support system were established between the two as Hutsell and Klunk contemplated critical decisions in regards to swimming and their […]

Gustie Athletics Unique Path Series—Gary Cooper: A Journey To Finding Balance

While Gary Cooper’s road to college was anything but traditional, the Gustavus Adolphus basketball player has found balance in his life as an athlete, student, husband, and father. Saint Peter, Minn. — In the middle of the fallout after pulling a particularly serious prank involving a publication in his high school’s yearbook, Gary Cooper was […]